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  * Yoga Cairns / The Yoga Centre has classes for Beginner students to those more Experienced. Our classes caters for all ages. Learn either Iyengar, General or Flow Yoga or Stretch. 

 The Yoga Centre is long established, located next to the show grounds and close to the city. It is a beautiful open studio that catches breezes and natural light.
There is always plenty of FREE parking.
We teach correct alignment which helps to improve your posture. With regular practice you gain strength and confidence is instilled. Yoga affects the body and so the mind, helping you face stressful situations with equanimity
All our teachers are experienced, dependable and focused.

 Because we share a genuine passion for the art of yoga we have faith in its practice. This passion underpins our personal commitment to our teaching and to our students.

 Furthermore, The Yoga Centre is the only yoga studio in Cairns with certified Iyengar Yoga teachers. 

Asanas are one of the major tools of yoga. Through the positioning of the body in various postures with total awareness of mind and self we establish a link between the body and mind. This keeps you present.
Learn more about techniques in Early Morning Intensives, Workshops and Retreats.
 Want to delve deeper and learn more about yoga or refine your teaching skills? Then ask us about our Mentoring Program.
 Arrange a Private or small group class with our senior teacher, Jan Watson.

 Join us in a beautiful and caring environment.

Change your life through yoga 
~ physically, emotionally and mentally.
Basics for Beginners every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Read everything about our yoga practices and choose which yoga is best for you


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