Our Yoga for Beginners Courses

Yoga Beginner Courses 

run every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday  

$65 for 4 classes 

$55.00 unlimited, paid fortnightly

$20 casual

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Yoga Courses for Beginners

Mondays: 4.00pm – 5.15pm

Wednesdays: 7.15pm – 8.30pm 

Saturdays: 10.00am – 11.15am 


Our Yoga Courses are based on basic asanas and introduce you to different types of postures each week of the month. This results is a variety of lessons. However, each class starts with postures that extend the body, then intensifies and ends with postures that stabilise the practice. Our Yoga Courses follow a monthly rotational timetable… 

So you can join the courses at any time. You can attend casually $20 per class

 What to expect at a Beginner’s level:

 As a Beginner you will learn:

Standing poses because they improve posture through correct movements of your legs, arms, trunk, head and neck. Furthermore they include all spinal movements – sideways, forward and back ward extensions and also lateral rotation.   

Sitting poses and Forward extensions give your legs rest and consequently bring freedom of movements to your knees, groins, ankles and feet.  Furthermore they help to prevent anxiety and restore energy to your body.

Foundational Backbends include postures lying on your front and in addition anchoring certain points of your body as you bend your spine backward.  Most of all backbends strengthen our back muscles and give us courage.

Supine Poses and Relaxation stretch the abdomen and increase mobility of the spine, hips and groins. They are restful as they are  practised with support of bolsters or blankets.. They open the chest and support the back.

The following postures are also included within the monthly rotational timetable …

Twisting the spine consequently help to release tensions in your back.

Inversions are taught supported. They are normally taught each class.

Abdominal contractions strengthen organs and firm the hips and back.

Surya namaskara (Sun Salutations) is the linking of poses.


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Classes are suitable for both men and women of all ages.   Your posture will notably improve. Additionally you begin to tune into how you move your body; its stability, its capacity, its co-ordination and flexibility. 

Our Beginner Classes are designed for you, the beginner. So for those of you who have never practiced yoga before, you are in good hands.  

Furthermore, if you are wanting to re-establish the basics of yoga postures, our beginner classes are excellent.

All equipment and mats are provided.  The Yoga Centre space is most welcoming. There is always plenty of FREE PARKING. We are right next door to the Showgrounds.




$65 for 4 classes 

$ 55.00 unlimited, paid fortnightly

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BSB 633 000

Account: 138 596 481

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