Our Yoga Beginner Courses

Our Yoga Beginner Courses 

6-Week Courses

$99.00 ~ for 12 classes  $80 ~ for 6 classes

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Beginner Classes: Choose

Monday:  4.00pm – 5.15pm  

Tuesday:  7.15pm – 8.30pm 

Wednesday:  4.00pm – 5.15pm

Saturday:  10.00am – 11.15am 

You do not have to commit to the same days each week. Choose which days best fit in with your timetable for the week. 

 Start Dates: October 2017:

Monday 23rd October -27th November

Tuesday 17th October  – 21st November

Wednesday 18th October – 22nd November

Saturday 21st October – 25th November

*Our Beginner courses are for 6 weeks. Each 6-week course introduces new poses. Over a 12 month period you learn 42 poses and 4 stages of one basic pranayama (breathing technique), known as Ujjayi.


Courses Outline

Week 1: Standing, Seated & Twisting poses, Inverting, Relaxation, Normal breathing (Ujjayi I) 

Week 2: Standing, Seated & Twisting poses, Inverting, Relaxation, Normal breathing (Ujjayi I) 

Week 3: Standing, Seated & Twisting poses, Shoulder Stand or variation, Relaxation, Deep exhalations (Ujjayi II)

Week 4: Standing, Seated, Twisting poses, Sun Salutations, Shoulder Stand or variation, Relaxation, Deep Inhalations (Ujjayi III) 

Week 5: Standing, Seated, Twisting poses, Sun Salutations, Back bends, Inverting, Relaxation, Deep Inhalations, Deep Exhalations (Ujjayi IV) 

Week 6: Standing, Seated and Twisting poses, Sun Salutations, Back bends, Abdominal poses, Inverting, Relaxation and Deep inhalation, Deep Exhalations (Ujjayi IV)

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Our Yoga Beginner Courses: 

The practice of yoga brings good health and helps to reduce day to day stress.

We welcome men and women of ALL ages groups. Our focus is on teaching you basic yoga poses. In addition you learn how to practice a Shoulder stand correctly and are introduced to preliminary head stand. As a result of learning how to extend your spine, you will also learn how to safely begin to practice backbends.

Our Classes are designed for you, the beginner. So for those of you who have never practiced yoga before, you are in good hands.  

All equipment and mats are provided at the Beginner Yoga Course.  You will find The Yoga Centre space most welcoming. There is always plenty of free parking. We are right next door to the Showgrounds.



Cost: $99 for 12 classes 

You may attend class just once a week

            $80 for 6 classes

Pay Direct Credit:

to Jan Watson

BSB 633 000

Account: 138 596 481

Reference: Your name and the start day

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