Our Yoga Practices

Our Yoga Practices

Yoga practices at The Yoga Centre offer a variety of styles.  

Which style for you?

Each yoga style can be practiced by everyone, from beginners to experienced. However, you may find that one yoga style is more appropriate to you, depending on your physical condition and expectations.

Iyengar Yoga

Tjan yogahe focus is on detail, precision and alignment of asana. You are kept mindful and present throughout the class through clear, concise instructions.

Sequencing along with the use of props (e.g. blocks, belts, blankets) to achieve perfection in poses are distinguishing features. 

You progress through a step by step approach from simple poses to more complex ones. Learn ‘the how to do’ aspects of moving your body correctly.

At the end of class you will notable feel your posture improved, feeling a little taller and a little straighter.

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Flow Yoga

The focus is on fluid transitions from one pose to the next. A series of poses are linked together with breath while still maintaining alignment and body awareness.

These classes are fast paced and energetic, however, you are constantly reminded to scan your body to ensure hips, shoulders and knees are properly aligned and engaged.

In the first instance, students are encouraged to honour their body, and so complex poses are broken down into steps to enable you to go as far as is right for you. 

After class you will leave you feeling invigorated and stronger than you think.

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General Yoga classes

yoga instructor cairnsThese classes cater for all levels.  Yoga makes you feel good; it’s relaxing, it’s energising, it’s strengthening. You will extend your flexibility, promote strength and gain more balance.

Individual limitations are acknowledged and modified poses are taught to suit everybody’s level of practice.

At the end of class you will feel better than when you began and also discover that your life runs more smoothly. 

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yoga classes cairnsStretching teaches safe and effective techniques of moving.  It reduces muscle tension and improves overall flexibility. It targets muscle groups – shoulders, neck, hips and back – that limit flexibility.  The muscles are either strengthened or loosened to increase movement.

These classes are great for athletes and those wanting to enhance performance. As well as for those who have injuries and feel stiff.

Often partner work is incorporated to enhance a stretch. After class you will often feel any pain you may have had subside.  

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Some of the Benefits of Yoga

As a result of practicing yoga, parts of the body that have been injured or simply neglected are healed.

When you practice yoga asanas you can alleviate back, knee and shoulder pain. It brings mental repose and promotes better sleep.

Yoga improves both women’s and men’s health and helps to tackle emotional and mental issues that we often face on a daily basis.


Furthermore, our yoga practices are based on principles of stretching, rotating, bending and relaxing. Consequently giving a positive and profound effect to all systems of your body. Whether it is helping to regulate blood pressure and hormones or improving digestion or giving relief from back ache.