Yoga Intensives

Yoga Intensives 

As a result of attending Yoga Intensives you learn to consolidate what is taught in classes and in workshops. As the word ‘intensive’ implies it is a consistent daily practice over 3-5 days. Consequently both keen beginners and experienced students will benefit from attendance.

In addition, an intensive may have a particular theme or focus.  For instance: Students are taught how to alleviate back pain, through yoga. The focus may be on one particular group of asanas ~ such as Inversions. These sessions would also include asanas that lead to and/or support that particular focus.

Furthermore, you can attend Yoga Intensives four times each year.

2018 Yoga Intensive

Monday 15th – Wednesday 17th January

                                     The Art of Stretching …a yogic perspective

6.00am – 8.00am

                                                             with Jan Watson

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