Yoga Intensives

Yoga Intensives 

Yoga Intensives run throughout the year. As the word ‘intensive’ implies it is a consistent and continual practice.  As a result you learn to consolidate what is taught in classes.


Our Yoga Intensives

There is a particular theme or focus with each yoga intensive.  For instance: Students may learn a sequence that helps to alleviate back pain, or aid digestion.

The focus may be on one particular group of asanas ~ such as Inversions, back bending or abdominal asanas.

Yoga Intensives are normally a 2 hour session.

Furthermore,  you learn asanas that lead to and/or support that particular focus or theme.

Yoga Intensives

The 3-day intensives are suitable for both keen beginners and experienced students.

* Next intensive is Wednesday 27th – Friday 29th June 2018

6.30am – 8.00am

Vinyasa is the focus. You learn rhythm and breathing by practicing to connect 2 or more positions which flow from one into the other. 


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The 6-Day Intensives are for Teachers and Experienced Students. It includes a weekend retreat in which you will make observations, demonstrate and help with adjusting.

Each morning is a Led Practice.

You also learn what makes a good instruction and applied philosophy.

2018 Yoga Intensive

6-day Intensive for teachers and experienced students

Starts Friday14th September 2.00pm

Finishes Wednesday 19th September 2.00pm 


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