Yoga Intensives

Yoga Intensives

Yoga Intensives run throughout the year. As the word ‘intensive’ implies it is a consistent and continual practice.  As a result you learn to consolidate what is taught in classes.


Our Yoga Intensives


There is a particular theme or focus with each yoga intensive.  The focus may be on one particular group of asanas ~ such as Inversions, back bending or abdominal asanas. Or focus can be on certain anatomical areas. For instance the legs, hips and groins, the arms and shoulders.

Furthermore,  you also learn asanas that lead to and/or support that particular focus or theme.

Next Intensive: December 2018 – to be advised



The Iyengar Yoga Intensive is suitable for teachers and experienced students of all modalities.

During the 6 days you will be immersed in Iyengar yoga; from led practice sequences, asana and pranayama classes to meditation.  Further more learn why, when and how to adjust.  

With the inclusion of the Weekend Retreat an opportunity is also there to help assist in the classes on Saturday and Sunday.

This is a very Practical Intensive.  

With focus on the details, alignment of body and precision of instructions you will get the most out of your yoga practice.


 6-Day Yoga Intensive 2018

~ for teachers and experienced students ~

Starts Friday14th September 2.00pm

Finishes Wednesday 19th September 2.00pm 


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