About Us

About Us

 Iyengar Yoga at Mission Beach

As a reult of the precision and alignment taught in Iyengar Yoga, students learn correct movements and correct body alignment.

You will find classes at the Progress Hall; a beautiful community hall which is right on the beach, at Mission Beach.   

Yoga mats and all equipment are provided but feel welcome to bring you own. You are asked to bring a towel and drinking water.   

*Our Classes are taught run during school terms.  

Class Dates for 2019

Term 1:  29th January to  20th April

Term 2:   4th May to 29th June 

Term 3:  16th July to 21st September

Term 4:  8th October to 7th December

The Teachers:

Because Iyengar yoga teachers are highly and extensively trained, you will find they don’t just instruct, they teach! As part of their training they learn the intricacies of movement and the muscles associated with correct actions.

Jan Watson 

Jan is an inspiring teacher, with many years experience. Teaching since 1991, she certified as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 1997.

She teaches beginners and general classes, including a Remedial class.  Arrangements can be made to have a private class to deal with a specific issue or to improve on practice.  

Jan’s retreat this year is at Sanctuary Retreat, Mission Beach. 16th – 21st August


Tuesday: 5.00 p.m – 6.15 p.m  Remedial class

Saturday: 8.00 a.m – 9.30 a.m   General LED class

Saturday: 10.00am – 11.30am  Beginners class

Yoga instructor Jan Watson

Jan Watson

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Brigette has an eye for detail and is methodical in her teaching. She has completed 3 years training with one of Iyengar’s most noteworthy senior teachers (Peter Scott).


Thursday: 6.00 p.m – 7.30 p.m General Level

Friday: 9.00 a.m – 10.30 a.m Beginners

Yoga instructor Brigette


Both are drawn to Iyengar yoga in which the focus is initially on the physical and practical aspects of yoga. With Iyengar’s precision, detail and alignment in the asanas injury is prevented. You learn to understand and get to know your body better feeling the strength and flexibility unfold as you continue to practice. 
The physical practice of Yoga leads to quietening the mind and stabilising emotions.  Yoga helps to keep your work/life balance in check.
Come and join us at one of our classes.

Yoga Centre classes at the Progress Hall on Porters Promenade

Which Level for you?

*Beginner classes are for those new to yoga or those wanting to refresh the basics 

*General class is for those who have some yoga experience 

*General LED Class is not taught as such, the teachers does the poses in front with the class. Instructions are finer and some adjustments are done

Furthermore, our yoga practices are based on principles of stretching, rotating, bending and relaxing. Consequently giving a positive and profound effect to all systems of your body. Whether it is helping to regulate blood pressure and hormones or improving digestion or giving relief from back ache. 

Some of the Benefits of Yoga

As a result of practicing yoga, parts of the body that have been injured or simply neglected are healed.

When you practice yoga asanas you can alleviate back, knee and shoulder pain. It brings mental repose and promotes better sleep.

Both men and women’s health will notably improve through yoga. Yoga also helps to tackle emotional and mental issues that we often face on a daily basis.

About Us