About Us

About Us

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 Iyengar Yoga at Mission Beach has been operating since 2007

Yoga is a boon to all … for younger students practice is more energetic; you jump higher and move quicker. For older students you may not jump as high or move as quick but it is important that you keep moving, so joints are kept subtle and energy is maintained.  

Every asana requires a three-fold effort: a combination of action, breath anf thought. They are a means to discover where you light, weak or dull and to rectify aspects to bring about balance. 

 Toning-up and envigorating the entire body and pacification of the inner self are the goals of yoga. However, the ultimately aim to still that ‘busy head’, that is, to quieten the mind. ‘Inner peace is strength’ 

Yoga Asanas or Postures are classified under:

Standing poses to give foundation

Seated poses to allievate stiffness in knees, ankles, hips

Forward bending to bring calmness

Twisting poses maintain the function of internal organs

Back bending to stimulate the central nervous system

Inverting to energise and stablise circulation

Prone positions are restful

Relaxation or Savasana concludes each class.

Pranayama is breath control


* How to get there: Drive north along Porters Promenade, just past the shops, turn right into the Caravan Park, beach side, then directly left into the car park … the hall is ahead.


Iyengar Yoga at The Progress Community Hall, 53 Porters Promenade


Yoga is a remarkably logical system of self development, physical, mental and spiritual. It teaches that the body is the temple of the living spirit and that in bringing it close as possible to a state of physical perfection, man removes the greatest obstacle in his path of mental and spiritual progress.”   Michael Volin: Essence of Yoga 1963

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