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Iyengar Yoga Retreat

Sanctuary Retreat, Mission Beach.  

This photo was taken from Bicton Hill, overlooking Mission Beach.

On a Yoga Retreat, it’s the perfect place to re-establish your work/life balance.

At a retreat, you are given time to ‘pause‘.

  Take a breath and experience life in the rainforest capopy.  

You have FREE time during the afternoons; book a massage, go for a swim in the pool or at secluded Brooke’s beach, go for a walk up to Bicton Hill and see the amazing views. (10 minute drive and allow 1 hour to walk) or just stay at the retreat and relax with a book

 Relax, Restore and Rejuvenate.

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Yoga Retreat at Sanctuary Retreat…

6 days at beautiful Mission Beach, North Queensland

Suitable for keen beginner students to teachers of any modality 

Meet Jan Watson: the Teacher

Jan Watson is a certified Intermediate Iyengar Yoga Teacher and teaches classes at Mission Beach, North Queensland.

Jan began yoga in the 1980’s qualifiing to teach in 1991. In 1997, she gained her certificate to teach Iyengar Yoga.
The focus of the Retreat is on the basis of movement, learning about the stages of poses; understanding what actions are required to get towards the final pose. For example – Urdhva Hastasana is taught to get your arms moving – Namaskarasana is the final pose.
Arms and legs have to stretch – these are our organs of action.

COST:  (Per Person)

Price includes ~ 2 or 5 night’s accommodation, evening meals, brunch on Sunday, lunch on Wednesday and all the yoga. 

Rainforest Hut (share bathroom)

Twin Share $1450   Single $1570

Weekend Price

Twin Share $465    Single $530

Rainforest Hut (alfresco ensuite)

Twin Share $1500   Single $1660

Weekend Price

Twin Share $495    Single $585

Deluxe Cabin

Twin Share $1670   Single $1920

Weekend Price

Twin Share $585    Single $720


Friday 16th August

5.00 p.m   Restorative Class (1.5 hours)

7.00pm Dinner (choose from menu & order before class)

Saturday 17th August

7.00 a.m   Pranayama / Meditation (20 min)

Fruit, toast, coffee/tea provided in downstairs kitchen

9.00 a.m   Asana Class (3 hours)

4.00 p.m   Inversions, Restorative or Remedial (1.5 hours)

7.00 p.m   Dinner (Indian Buffet)

Sunday 18th August

7.00 a.m   Pranayama / Meditation (20 min)

Fruits, toast, coffee/tea provided in downstairs kitchen

9.00 a.m   Asana Class (3 hours)

Brunch 12.30 p.m

Farewell to weekend students

4.30 p.m   Restorative and Pranayama  (1.5 hours)

7.00pm Dinner (choose from menu)

Mon. 19th – Wed. 21st August

7.00 a.m   Led Practice (1.5 hours)

Fruit, toast, coffee/tea in downstairs kitchen

10.30 a.m   Asana class (2 hours)

12.30 p.m   Free time

4.00 p.m     Restorative or Remedial (1.5 hours)

7.00 p.m   Dinner (choose from menu)

Wednesday 21st August

1.00 p.m   Lunch – provided


Other Lunches are self catered. There is a fully functional kitchen downstairs. You can eat at the restaurant or pop into town for a bite.

photo by Jeff Larson


Techniques and Practice: 

  • Asanas
  • Led Practice Sequences    
  • Remedial /Restorative Sessions
  • Inversions

Asanas are the third limb and bring steadiness, health and lightness.  A steady posture produces mental equilibrium and prevents fickleness of mind.

Teaching Methodology:                                                                

  • Correct instructions
  • Observations    
  • Adjusting

Correct instructions lead to correct movement.  Firstly, what are you observing? Even more important, how does this help your practice?  When, how and why to adjust?

Anatomy and Physiology:

  • Know your anatomy 
  • Asanas and their effect on the body systems

Knowing anatomy helps to get correct actions and focus. Asanas have a profound effect on functions of the body and on stilling the mind.  

Bandha and Savasana:

  • Uddiyana bandha
  • Nauli
  • Learning the art of Relaxing

Bandha is a posture in which certain organs or parts of the body are contracted and controlled.  Savasana teaches you how to relax and is the common denominator for both asana and pranayama.


  • Hints and cautions
  • Techniques and their effects of pranayama
  • Pranayamas

Qualification of fitness for pranayama practice and posture during practice will be learnt.  Pranayamas including Viloma and Ujjayi.

“In order to follow the techniques of Pranayama it is necessary to know something about Bandhas, Nadis and Chakras.” BKS Iyengar p. 365 Light on Yoga 1991

Yoga Philosophy:

  • Bandhas, Nadis and Chakras

Bandhas are locks, Nadis tubular channels, Chakras are wheels or circles


Sanctuary Retreat is an adventurous and affordable rainforest eco-lodge in Mission Beach, North Queensland, Australia, half way between Townsville and Cairns. Set on 50 acres of lush tropical rainforest overlooking the Coral Sea, Sanctuary is as much a refuge for travellers as it is for wildlife. It is suited to nature lovers and active bush walkers seeking a natural tropical environment. It is not for the faint hearted.

Choose your accommodation from basic share, alfresco huts or deluxe cabins. It is an unspoilt paradise with secluded beaches meeting the Great Barrier Reef. Book a massage, enjoy the delicious cuisine, and take in some breathtaking views.

You will be practicing yoga in an awesome location. A specialized yoga room has all Yoga mats and all equipment is provided.

Yoga Retreat - Brookes Beach Sanctuary Rerteat

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