The Yoga Centre ~ Mission Beach

Iyengar Yoga at Mission Beach

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Extend your arms

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Yoga Mission Beach ~ Classes at :

The Progress Community Hall,

53 Porters Promenade.

*Mats and all yoga equipment are provided.

Iyengar Yoga classes for Beginners, General Level and Intermediate Level students.

The focus is on correct movement along with the actions of the arms and legs.

Consequently, as a student you gain understanding of how to practice safely and effectively.

Standing, sitting, forward bending, twisting, back bending, inverting & prone positions along with how to relax are taught.

By using simple props, even students with different capabilities will certainly but gradually build up strength, confidence and flexibility.

In addition, there is a Remedial class that deals with common problem areas. It works on a four week syllabus.


Casual $20, 10-classes $140, Remedial $75, Monthly $100

Further more, you can attend a Private session. 60 minutes $90 or 30 minutes $50. Recommended prior to attending the Remedial class.

*Both men and women, of all ages and level of fitness will benefit from an Iyengar yoga class.

How to get there…

Heading north on Porters Promenade, turn right into the caravan park on the beach, immediately turn left into the car park. The Progress Community hall is straight ahead.

THE TEACHER is Jan Watson, a registered JI 2 Iyengar yoga teacher. She is an experienced practitioner and has been teaching yoga 1991.

Marichyasana 2

Jan is inspired by yoga; by the physical improvements and the emotional steadiness practice creates. It is a boon to all of us, for younger practitioners practice is more energetic , you jump higher and as we age, practice stimulates joints and maintains our energy.

Each pose is a means to discover where you are tight, strong, weak or dull. Ultimately yoga’s aim to still that ‘busy head’; to quieten the mind.

Jan gives clear instructions and teaches what she sees students are needing in their practice.

At times you will want to laugh, sometimes cry, sometimes you don’t want to practice at all. Other times there is just the wonder that again you get another ‘light bulb‘ moment.

As you keep coming back to practice, bit by bit your body and your thinking will change for the better.

Iyengar Yoga: The ultimate source is from B.K.S. Iyengar of Puna, India. He wrote many books on yoga practice and philopopy, including ‘Light on Yoga’, ‘Light on Pranayama” and ‘Light on Life”.

His genius and willingness to share his knoweldge of yoga is gratefully respected. He developed his method based on the 8 limbs of yoga taught by Patanjali, 2,500 years ago.

The discoveries you make through practicing yoga are in body, mind and spirit. This is yoga.

Join me for a yoga class and begin to change your life …
~ physically, emotionally and mentally.

Top Photo by Jeff Larson