Our Timetable

Our Timetable

Mats and all yoga equipment are provided


Timetable:  2019

Term 1: 29th January to 16th April

Term 2: 7th May to 28th June

Term 3: 13th July to 21st September

Term 4: 8th October to 30th November



5.00 p.m – 6.15 p.m Remedial class

(Booking required) 4 weeks: COST: $70

*See Schedule below for details

Term 2: 7th May to 29th June


5.30pm – 6.45pm General class

(casual attendence) COST: $20


 8.00 a.m – 9.30 a.m  General LED class  

(casual attendence) COST: $20

10.00 a.m – 11.15 a.m  Beginner class  

(casual attendance) COST: $20



Which CLASS for you?

Beginners are introduced to a syllabus of basic yoga poses. Standing, seated, twisting poses, and back bending actions to strengthen and stretch the arms and legs. Introduces Inversions and abdominal contractions. Relaxation is always practiced at the end of class.

(You can attend casually)

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In a General Class, you consolidate what was learnt at beginner’s level through repetition of actions along with more detailed and in depth instructions. The variations in shoulder stand are practiced and Head stand is refined.

(You can attend casually)


General Led Class is not taught, rather the teacher does the poses in front of the class with you. 

 Instructions given a more finer in details, isolating muscles and including movement of the skin. Arm balancing is introduced and other intermediate poses are taught.

(You can attend casually)


The Remedial class is suitable for all levels.  Poses are practiced with support or props.  If you have issues with back, knee, hip or shoulders they are addressed in these classes.

(You must make a booking)

*Each 4 sessions are limited to 10 students

*Remedial Class Schedule 2019

Bookings required – 10 students only

First Term:  Tuesday 5.00 p.m – 6.15 p.m

i) Back Care Basics ~ 12th February -26th February. (Booked out)

ii) Back Care Basics ~ 5th March – 25th March. (Booked out)

# Maximum 10 students per block, so make a booking to secure your spot. Cost is $70


Core Program – Practice Guide  2nd, 9th & 16th April

# To keep a minimal amount of stretch in the major muscles and joints of the body, we look at a core practice guide. Suitable for all levels and a step further for the students participating in the Back Care Basics program. No booking required. Use your pass or attend casually. 


Second Term:  Tuesday 5.00 p.m – 6.15 p.m

i) Shoulders and Neck ~ 7th May -28th May  (Booked out)

ii) Shoulders and Neck ~ 4th June -25th June  (Booked out)

# Maximum 10 students per block, so make a booking to secure your spot. Cost is $70

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Third Term:  Tuesday 5.00 p.m – 6.15 p.m

i) Hips and Thighs ~ 16th July – 6th August    (Booked out)

ii) Hips and Thighs ~ 27th August – 17th Sept.   (Taking books now)

# Maximum 10 students per block, so make a booking to secure your spot.  Cost is $70

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Fourth Term:  Tuesday 5.00 p.m – 6.15 p.m


i) The Knee Joint ~ 8th October –  29th October 

# Maximum 10 students per block, so make a booking to secure your spot. Cost is $70

Bookings here


.ii) Yoga Explained  ~  5th – 26th November 

Classes are open to all levels. Attend casually or use your class pass. 

i) Alignnment using support ii) Creating stability through anchoring iii) Refresh your brain and iv) Stretch your legs.  

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photo by Jeff larson

Private Classes:  An individual program is tailored for your specific health issue or need. Choose from a 30 minute ~ $45 or 1 hour session ~ $90

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  • Be on time.  
  • First time to a class ~ arrive 10 minutes earlier to familiarise yourself with the hall and to fill in a health questionnaire
  • A drink can be taken 1/2 hour before class.  Allow at least 2 hours after a light meal
  • We practice in bare feet
  • No scents or perfumes
  • Please bring a towel to place over blankets and bolsters



Mission Beach 
Progress Community Hall, 53 Porters Promenade. Driving north, turn into the Caravan Park, on the beach, turn first left into the carpark. You have arrived at your destination…the hall is straight ahead.

Mobile: 0438 565 423

Email: yogajan@yogac.com.au

Yoga Centre classes at the Progress Hall, 53 Porters Promenade