Our Timetable

Our Timetable

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Mats and all yoga equipment are provided

The Timetable:


*5.00 p.m – 6.15 p.m Remedial class (all levels)     


6.00 p.m – 7.30 p.m General level class    Brigette


9.00 a.m – 10.30 a.m Beginner class     Brigette


* 8.00 a.m – 9.30 a.m Led class (Experienced)     

*10.00 a.m – 11.30 a.m Beginner class    

* classes with Jan Watson 


PRIVATE classes with Jan Watson 

by appointment (Individual or group)


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Remedial class is suitable for all levels. Many of the poses are practiced with support, to cater for issues with back, knee, hip or shoulders. Also suitable for pregnant and post natal women.

**The last class of the month is a REST and RESTORE class recommended for all students. Learn to let go!

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Beginners learn foundation poses. Focus each week is on a different type of pose, resulting in a variety of lessons within the month. 

Learn to practice yoga the ‘Iyengar Way’ ~ with precision, alignment and detail. 

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General Class you hold the poses a little longer helping you to consolidate the basic poses leant at beginner classes.

Challenges you to the next level with introduction of backbends, working to stabilize head stand and learning variations in shoulder stand.

Led Class is not taught, rather the teacher does the poses in front of the class with you.

Instructions are given and some adjustments are done. A Challenging class.

Holding headstand and shoulder stand is required.

Private Classes: A program is tailored for your specific health issue or needs and with guidance from Jan you practice your programme.


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  • Be on time.  
  • First time to a class ~ arrive 10 minutes earlier to familiarise yourself with the centre and to fill in our health questionnaire
  • A drink can be taken 1/2 hour before class.  Allow at least 2 hours after a light meal
  • We practice in bare feet
  • No scents or perfumes
  • Please bring a towel to place over blankets and bolsters



Mission Beach 
Progress Hall, 45 Porters Promenade (just before the Tourist info centre) 

Mobile: 0438 565 423

Email: yogajan@yogac.com.au